Yesterday I scoured my emails looking for photos that had been sent in, but I was sure that I had received lots more.  In the evening, when I finally sat down with my ipad to have a quick up-date of what had been happening in the world, I remembered my Facebook and Twitter accounts!  Lots of you are very techy and sent me photos via social networks.  So if you are in that category, you will find your picture on this blog….

The first one was from Happy Days who needed a Christmas Tree in time for the Grand Opening over their new vintage shop in Ogmore at the end of November.

Just too excited to wait to get home before sending a photo!!  Looks like a good choice….

I did notice that you are all quite a traditional lot when it comes to Christmas Tree decorating…..

Can you guess which ones were decorated by children?!  I always like to tweak a few baubles once the children are in bed 😉

This one has a bit of purple sneaking in….nice….

Now these are very tasteful….

And the next is tasty…..real gingerbread I believe!! Wouldn’t have lasted long in our house!

Now that’s how Christmas should be…..toasty!

This one looks like a perfect fit!!

And finally…..a monster!

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