I cannot believe that it is March already!  The year is just flying by…and I thought that it was about time that I looked out the photos we received from customers of their 2013 Christmas Trees and posted them up here.  Hopefully they’ll cheer up what is a rather dismal, rainy, March day!!

Beautifully co-ordinated in favourite Christmas colours!!

Red and white decorated Christmas Tree

Good job!!

….and all lit up!

It’s always good to receive feedback from customers and Jean’s email really brought a smile to my day!

“I wanted to write and say how pleased I was with the Christmas tree I had from you this Christmas…and I saw that you wanted photos of trees in their new homes.  So here are 2 photos of my tree, taken today before, sadly, it was taken down.  You can see that the tree is still looking as fresh as it was when cut a few weeks ago and it shed very few needles – and I really did not want to take it down!  The one photo is because I see also from your web site that you have 2 golden retrievers…this is Jack who will be 2 years old on Jan 15 and who was not a bit interested in the tree!! ” – Jean, 5th January 2014

Thanks for your photos, Jean. Gorgeous – yes I do mean you, Jack….and your Christmas Tree of course


Christmas Tree and Golden Retriever

I love the flower arrangement – using off-cuts from the Christmas Tree.

A really twinkly tree…

And this one is just magical…..

magical Christmas Tree

Finally – looking splendid – for all the world to see!!

outdoor Christmas Tree

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