Fraser Fir

(The Christmas Classic)

  • Height: 6 to 13 feet
  • Country of origin: Wisconsin / Arizona USA
  • Price: £45 – £70

The Fraser Fir has soft, short needles which are dark green on top and silvery underneath.  They have great needle retention and a pleasant scent.  Frasers are generally a narrow tree which makes them perfect for a smaller room.

Fraser Firs are gaining popularity in the UK, but have been a firm favourite for much longer in the USA.  The official Blue Room Christmas Tree (the indoor Tree at the White House) has been a Fraser Fir more times than any other type of tree!

Apparently, in the States it is known as “the Cadillac of Christmas Trees”, we like to call it “the Christmas Classic”.

Our Fraser Fir
Locally grown in Bonvilston