Grand Fir

(The “citrusy” one)

  • Height: 10 - 12 feet
  • Country of origin: Pacific Northwest and Northern California
  • Price: £40 - £70

The Grand Fir has flat, glossy green needles, which have a distinctive citrusy smell.

These are not a traditional British Christmas Tree, but if you want to try something a little different, this could fit the bill

The Grand Fir was first described by a Scottish botanical explorer named David Douglas in 1831.  He had started life as an apprentice to the Head Gardener at Scone Palace, Perth before moving on to college in Perth and then the Botanical Gardens at the University of Glasgow.  From there he was recommended to the Royal Horticultural Society who sent him on several plant-hunting expeditions in North America.  He introduced 240 species of plant to Britain, including a large number of conifers, several of which we now grow here on the Farm in Bonvilston; Grand Fir, Lodgepole Pine and the Douglas-Fir (which we have planted for the first time in 2013).


Our Grand Fir
Locally grown in Bonvilston