Lodgepole Pine

(The “Big American” one)

  • Height: huge – and wide too!
  • Country of origin: North America
  • Price: £30 – £60

From Alaska to Bonvilston, the Lodgepole Pine has extra long needles which are well retained, making for an ideal lasting real Christmas Tree.  Like the Scots Pine, the Lodgepole needs a BIG space to look its best.  We are talking high, high ceilings!

Interesting fact….Lodgepole Pines are serotinous.  That means their seed requires an environmental trigger in order to be released.  In the case of the Lodgepole Pine, that trigger is heat – very high heat!  Their cones are tightly sealed with a layer of resin and woody tissue and will hang on the tree branches for several years waiting for enough heat to open them up.  The type of temperature required is the kind that comes in a forest fire, so amid the devastation of fire, Lodgepole Pines are often the first plant to re-grow!

Our Lodgepole Pine
Locally grown in Bonvilston