Nordmann Fir

(The "non-drop” one)

  • Height: up to 12 feet
  • Country of origin: Turkey, Georgia, Russian Caucasus, Armenia – our seeds came from Tlugi Village in the Ambrolauri region of Georgia
  • Price: £35 – £75

The Nordmann Fir has a classic Christmas Tree shape and its soft, flat needles make this Christmas tree a great choice for families with young children and pets.  And because it has excellent needle retention qualities it is also pretty “Hoover friendly” too!!  Marketing the Nordmann Fir as a “non-drop” Christmas Tree has led to a steady gain in popularity over recent years….not just here in South Wales, but right across Europe.

So why does it manage to hold onto its needles longer than other Christmas Trees?  Well, its all down to its thick sugary sap that locks away precious water.  The Nordman Fir’s needles are also large, thick and firmly attached to pliable stems which all helps them to retain water.  That’s not to say that you don’t still need to water them though!  Treat them (and all our Christmas Trees) like cut flowers and remember to top them up!


Our Nordmann Fir
Locally grown in Bonvilston