Norway Spruce

(The “traditional” one)

  • Height: up to 18 feet
  • Country of origin: Europe – the seeds for ours came from Germany
  • Price: up to £100

With its lovely traditional Christmas Tree scent with dark green, slightly spiky needles, this is the tree of our childhood.  It is often criticised for dropping its needles, but look after your Norway Spruce and it will last the season.  As with all our trees, we cut our Norway Spruces to order so they are fresh when you take them home.  Then all you have to do is treat them like cut flowers – water daily and keep away from heat.

The British Public have been decorating Norway Spruce since 1841, when Queen Victoria was pictured with her husband Prince Albert and children standing beside one at Windsor Castle.

The Norway Spruce is also the Christmas Tree that has graced Trafalgar Square each year since 1947 – a gift from the people of Norway in gratitude for Britain’s support during the Second World War.  The Trafalgar Square Tree is typically 50-60 years old and over 20 metres tall.  Ours are somewhat smaller!!

Our Norway Spruce
Locally grown in Bonvilston