Scots Pine

(The big statement!)

  • Height: Huge!
  • Country of origin: Scotland – specifically Abernethy and Rannoch
  • Price: £30 - £60

If you are looking to fill a BIG space, this is the Christmas Tree for you!  This is a big, bold tree with extra-long needles.  We think that a Scots Pine would look fantastic in a room with a vaulted ceiling or in a big bay window.

The Scots Pine is not a traditional British Christmas Tree, although they are popular in the United States.  However, they are our only Christmas Trees that are native to the British Isles so we just had to have some!  In the 1990’s, scientists dated the “Glen Loyne Granny” in Inverness-shire at approximately 550 years old!  Our eldest is 12…

Our Scots Pine
Locally grown in Bonvilston