Serbian Spruce

(The “graceful” one)

  • Height: up to about 12 feet
  • Country of origin: Eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Price: £30 - £70

Originally from Bosnia, and now flourishing in Bonvilston, the Serbian Spruce is a narrow, graceful tree.  The needles are bluey-green with a silvery underside.  Compared to our other Spruce, the Norway, this is a more elegant Christmas Tree, less dense and with softer needles.

Before the Ice Age, some 2.5 million years ago, it is known from fossilized remains that the Serbian Spruce was common right across Europe.  However the wild population has reduced significantly through natural competition from other species, including the Norway Spruce, over-exploitation and forest fires during the 1950’s and during the Bosnian conflict of 1992-93.  The Serbian Spruce is now limited to a small area around the River Drina in the mountainous forest of the Pancic Narodni Nature Reserve, and they are now a protected species.  The commercial planting of Serbian Spruce as Christmas Trees (and also for timber and paper) is encouraged to ensure the survival of the species.

Our Serbian Spruce
Locally grown in Bonvilston